Marketing & Consulting

Consider Me Your

Fractional CPO

(Chief Profitability Officer)

Hiring team to support your vision is a critical component to growing your business.

But hiring an army of implementers isn't always the answer. Often you just create more work for yourself, as everyone on your growing team needs you to tell them what to do.

You need support that is strategic, focused, practical, and steeped in industry expertise—support that can step in, move things forward swiftly and efficiently, and set you and your team up for even greater success down the road.

Support To:

➝  Improve Profitability

➝  Find New Revenue Opportunities

➝  Grow Existing Revenue Channels

➝  Develop Recurring Revenue Opportunities

➝  Streamline Operations

➝  Lead an Opportunity or Initiative

➝  Manage Important Relationships

➝  Consult on a New Product or Program

➝  Develop Effective Brand & Marketing Strategies

➝  Facilitate Epic Live Launch Experiences

➝  Advise on a Signature Event or Experience

➝  Strategize a Book, Event, or Product Launch

 ➝  Oversee Hiring Quality Contractors & Employees

Customized Levels of Support Available.
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 “Rachel has a business mind that I find rare, unique and exceptional.

We’ve worked together on numerous occasions since 2016 and I’m continuously amazed by her understanding of customers needs, her ability to effectively communicate to all parties involved and produce results that overdeliver.

If you are seeking a business & marketing strategy to take your business to the next level, while simultaneously creating a sustainable lifestyle, Rachel is the woman to hire.”  


"We refer to Rachel as Yoda.

Her decades of experience are the North Star in my business. From tiny details on the daily, to wise guidance in pivotal moments, to a priceless river of magical networking connections, she has transformed my business from $500,000 to over $1,000,000 in revenue per year in our first year together.

She keeps me centered on the heart of the work, she always has my back, and she seemingly effortlessly boosts the revenue on every single project by tens of thousands of dollars.

We lean on the deep experience and intelligent strategies she brings that continually grow our revenue and success. Maybe even more importantly, we all look to her for a greater perspective. She brings a calm, centered, and soulful ancient wisdom to all of us. Having that in my corner is extraordinary. It continually recalibrates me to the true heart of our work."

SARAH THOMAS, FOUNDER & CEO of Upper Clarity Stone Medicine & Clarity Crystal Shop

“Rachel and I have been collaborating since 2016 on a huge range of client projects and launches with sales tallying into the millions — and every single time I’m over the moon to be working with her.

She has a brilliant brain for operations, marketing strategy, team dynamics, and just generally making work fun, which is evident not only in her track record of success and happy clients but also in her talent as a leader and guide. She knows how to make anything she gets her hands on better — and that’s a skill as rare as it is precious.

Trust me when I say: there’s no one out there like Rachel Anzalone. So if you get a chance? Work with her.”

HILLARY WEISS, FOUNDER of Statement Piece Studio