Aligned Strategy Mentoring

Creating a beautifully integrated way of being and working that’s aligned with your deepest values requires focus, patience, time, and (above all) support.

Think of me as your objective advisor, here to keep you focused on your bigger vision, to ask the right questions, and help you facilitate your satisfaction in business and life.

I’m here to act as a guide along the journey, and a secret weapon in your back pocket. I’m available to review and talk through the grand visions and goals you have for your business and life, and use my 20+ years of business and holistic strategy experience to offer feedback, fresh eyes, and help you stay the course to design the life and business you truly deserve.

Every session together is a safe space, where you can be yourself, speak openly, and talk through your deepest dreams, desires, and frustrations you might not be able to share with your team, your colleagues, or even your partner.

That means…
  • When you have a new vision, concept, or idea you want to talk through? I’m there.
  • When you need guidance around a new system or strategy? I’m there.
  • When you need to be reminded how far you’ve come, or just celebrate? I’m there.
  • When you’re struggling and need to be witnessed? I’m there.
  • When you’re having trouble with a team member? I’m there.
  • When something goes wrong, or starts to break down? I’m there — and I’ve got your back.

Over the last two decades, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and individuals, helping them scale, expand, rebuild, and navigate changes in their lives and businesses. I’d be honored to work with you next.

Aligned Strategy Mentoring includes exactly what you need to maximize your impact as a global visionary — with the sustainable strategies that fully support you ​and​ your desired lifestyle.
  • Pre-Intensive Deep Dive Questionnaire
  • Twice Monthly Private Strategy Calls
  • Ongoing Voxer & Email Support

Let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together.