A New Definition of ‘Millionaire’ with Giovanni Marsico - EP 012

pleasure & profits podcast Feb 06, 2024



In this episode, I’m sitting down with Giovanni Marsico–the CEO and founder of Archangel, a global community of entrepreneurs on a mission to impact millions of people together. Giovanni is a 2x EMMY® award-winning producer, creating a new genre he calls 'real-life superhero movies' with films like DREAMER and HERO to inspire millions of people to dream bigger, unleash their gifts, and change the world. 

In our time together, he shares his experience transitioning from an incredibly successful but ultimately unfulfilling career in real estate, to developing his ‘soulmate’ business, Archangel, and the impact he’s creating by doing so. 

Giovanni has a mission to redefine the word “millionaire” as someone who impacts a million people–and gets paid for it. In our time together he shares a powerful way to measure impact, that’s not based on the dollars in your bank account. 

Listen in as we discuss: 

  • How he’s curated a community to fill the void he experienced as an entrepreneur
  • His unique and powerful approach to goal setting
  • How collecting stories can be a powerful metric for success
  • How there’s no such thing as failure when you treat it all like an experiment
  • How he’s crafting experiences for people to be the hero of their own journey

I hope you enjoy our conversation!

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