New Moon Blessings, Sea Creatures, and Megan Rapinoe's Hair articles Jul 17, 2023

With the South Texas heat and humidity in full swing, my husband and I, along with our little rescue pup Squeaks, have been making regular trips to the Gulf coast to enjoy the slightly milder...

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Lessons From The Waterfall articles Jul 17, 2023

“This is totally fine,” I thought to myself, as I watched a stunning Blue Morpho butterfly lilt lazily through the air, riding the draft of the waterfall that I was about to rappel...

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Shock & Awe, My Friend. articles Jul 17, 2023

This was me a couple of weeks ago, with my husband staring at my face saying “What?! WHAT?!?!”, but somehow not turning around to see what I was staring at. ‍

We were camping...

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The Pendulum Always Swings articles Oct 24, 2022
We’ve all given up on perfection, right? At least in theory.

In truth though, I suspect for most of us there is still a tiny place, deep down inside, where we’re hanging on to the idea...

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What Have You Forgotten? (plus, me in a cap and gown) articles Oct 23, 2022

She could not make sense of the things that were meant for her,
but she was drawn to it all.
And when she was alone, she felt like the moon: terrified of the sky,
but completely in love with the...

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Showing Up, Plus My First Existential Crisis articles Oct 22, 2022

Like any well adjusted individual, I had my first existential crisis around age 6.

It was induced by a well meaning teacher who decided we should come to school dressed as what we wanted to be when...

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Do You Run Your Business Like a Dating App? articles Oct 21, 2022

“You can’t just say that to him,” my brother-in-law scolded me. “Tell her Jess.”

My sister, looking regretful, “Yeah… you can’t say that to a...

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Why pleasure. articles Oct 20, 2022

Pleasure is such a loaded word – riddled with associations of guilt and unworthiness and impropriety.

Yet, by definition, pleasure means: a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment. So,...

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I'm Really Tired. articles Oct 19, 2022

I’m really tired.

You read that right. I’m really tired. Like really. Fucking. Tired.

I know that’s not what we’re supposed to say. We’re supposed to be sunshine and...

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They’ve Been Selling You Lies, Sister. articles Oct 18, 2022

They’ve been selling you lies, sister.

Ain’t nothin’ wrong with you. Or your business. Or your marketing. The only thing that’s wrong with any of these is that you’ve...

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