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 For high-integrity, high-performing, mission-driven entrepreneurs.

If you’re anything like me—and many of the entrepreneurs I've called clients and colleagues over the years—you’ve likely built your business from the ground up on sweat, tears and American Express.
✨ You’ve hustled and sacrificed and given it your all.
✨ You’ve pushed past your limits and stepped (way) outside your comfort zone.
✨ You’ve learned to do all the things. And then you’ve done them. Because you’ve had to.
✨ You’ve learned a thousand lessons about who you are, what you’re capable of, and what’s most important to you.

And now here you are.

from a few years ago would be astounded at how far you’ve come.
  And yet, perhaps, it’s not quite all you dreamed it to be…

...or even if it is what you dreamed up,
you now know you’re meant for
even more. 

Perhaps one of these scenarios feels familiar:
(perhaps all three)
You want to have an impact—a BIG one. You want to create change in people’s lives and in the world at large.

But you’re so focused on getting by in the day to day of your business that you’re not having nearly the impact you’d like to be having—the impact you know you could make if you could just get ahead of things once and for all.

As a mission-driven entrepreneur you know your business isn’t all about profit. You have a bigger purpose, yet the business side of things is getting in the way of making that your priority.

While you’re generating revenue that you once only dreamed of, your business is not quite as profitable as you’d like it to be.

It feels like you're constantly in the hustle to make ends meet.

You’d like to be paying yourself more.
Or paying off debt.
Or paying your team more.
Or hiring more team so you can continue to grow!

BUT you’re not willing to sacrifice your mission or your values to make it happen, so you labor on, hoping that a solution will present itself & you’ll finally get some relief.

You’ve sacrificed so much to get where you are now and you’re ready for it all to get easier—for life to get easier.

There are other things, besides your business, that you’d like to invest your time, energy and money into.

Like friends and family.
Your own health and well-being.
Or just savoring some uninterrupted quiet time for yourself.

You're ready for your business to be viable, without your sweat as the sustaining force.


With over 25 years in the trenches of entrepreneurship, brick and mortar small business, corporate enterprises and digital marketing,

Along with extensive training and experience in holistic wellness, personal and collective development, and embodied living,

I’ve created an approach to business development that blends deep self-inquiry, smart and timely strategies, and above all… satisfaction.

My proven techniques, approach, and intuitive guidance will help you design the next season of your business and life, so you can do meaningful work while experiencing deep, integrated satisfaction.

As an independent observer, thought partner, and Satisfaction Strategist, I'll help you pin down what you most desire in your business and life, formulate a plan to make it a sustainable reality, and stand by your side as you bring it to life.

Here’s what I know for sure:

To build a business that is truly satisfying and worthy of being your life’s work, you have to learn to maximize your Impact, Profit & Pleasure.
When you do that, you'll find the sweet-spot, where your business becomes soul-aligned and most importantly, sustainable. 
This is what I call

Satisfaction Strategy

In our work together, we'll co-create a Satisfaction Strategy that's as unique and powerful as you are.

Let's Begin.

Part strategic planning, part deep dive vision exploration. Everything you need to curate the next season of your business and life in a meaningful and powerful way.

You’ll gain clarity on what’s working, what’s not, and what exactly you want to be experiencing, both in and out of the office, and then we’ll create a plan to bring your vision to life in a sustainable and satisfying way.

We’ll review your values, your vision and your goals, and then we’ll explore strategies to make the changes you’re ready to make. Together we'll explore:

➝  What do you most desire?

➝  What do you need in your business and life right now?

➝  What kind of resources and support are required to get there?

We'll comb through obstacles—both internal and external—discussing any feedback and insights I have for you.

We’ll revisit and refine as we go to make sure you have a solid plan in place for how you’ll integrate this vision into your life and business.

Finally, you’ll go on your way—relaxed, at ease and with a clear plan to get you where you want to be in a way that feels really, really good.

Your Intensive is custom designed to help you craft a plan for your business and life that’s intimately aligned with who you are, what you value, and how you want to show up in the world—in a deeply integrated and satisfying way.

Intensive Includes: 
  • Pre-Intensive Deep Dive Questionnaire
  • Pre-Intensive Prep Call 
  • A Full Day In-person Satisfaction Strategy Session in San Antonio, TX
    (or an alternate destination for an additional charge)
  • A Virtual Follow Up Session in the month following your Intensive 

Your Investment: $11,000

* For a limited time, you'll also receive a Human Design Alignment Session (valued at $3,500) for no additional charge.

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Ultimate back pocket support to transform your business and life, so you can keep on changing the world.
Creating a beautifully integrated way of being and working that’s aligned with your deepest values requires focus, patience, time, and (above all) support.

Think of me as your objective advisor, here to keep you focused on your bigger vision, to ask the right questions, and help you facilitate deep satisfaction in your business and life.

I’m here to act as a guide along the journey, and a secret weapon in your back pocket. I’m available to review and talk through the grand visions and goals you have for your business and life, and use my 25 years of business and holistic strategy experience to offer feedback, fresh eyes, and help you stay the course to design the life and business you truly deserve.

Every session together is a confidential space, where you can be yourself, speak openly, and talk through your deepest dreams, desires, and frustrations you might not be able to share with your team, your colleagues, or even your partner.

That means…

➝  When you have a new vision, concept, or idea you want to talk through? I’m there.

➝  When you need guidance around a new system or strategy? I’m there.

➝  When you need to be reminded how far you’ve come, or just celebrate? I’m there.

➝  When you’re struggling and need to be witnessed? I’m there.

➝  When you’re having trouble with a team member? I’m there.

➝  When something goes wrong, or starts to break down? I’m there—and I’ve got your back.

Over the last two decades, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and individuals, helping them scale, expand, rebuild, and navigate changes in their lives and businesses. I’d be honored to work with you next.

Satisfaction Strategy Mentoring includes exactly what you need to maximize your impact as a global visionary — with the sustainable strategies that fully support you ​and​ your desired lifestyle.

Mentoring Includes:
  • Quarterly 90 Minute Strategy Alignment Sessions
  • Twice Monthly Private Strategy Calls
  • Ongoing Voxer & Email Support

Your Investment: Sliding scale starting at $1,800 per month, based on your average monthly revenue.

* Six month minimum engagement.

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Whatever challenge you’re facing, your soul knows the answer.

It's so easy to get stuck in your head trying to figure things out and ‘will’ solutions into being. Clarity comes from creating space, connecting to yourself, and learning to trust your innate wisdom.

In your Satisfaction Strategy Session we will:
  • Dive deep into a single challenge you’re facing in your business (or life)
  • Gently move and breathe and create space for your inner knowing to do its magic
  • Collaborate to identify the most powerful next steps to move you forward

You’ll gain the clarity you need to move forward with confidence.

Your Satisfaction Strategy Session Includes:
  • Pre-Call Questionnaire
  • 90 Minute Private Online Session via Zoom
  • A 20 Minute Follow Up Call
  • Personalized Movement Ritual

Your Investment: $1,800

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