Forget about having it all or doing all the things.

Figure out what's most important to you and do that.

Do only the right (for you) things, in the right (for you) way, at the right (for you) time for the most significant impact, the biggest profit, and the most possible enjoyment.


Go beyond–way beyond–learning and knowing.

Connect so deeply with your purpose and your passion that it lives in your cells. There is no distinction between you and it.

You can't get there by thinking or reading or talking. Embodiment lives in the body.


Trust that all will be revealed in the perfect way, with perfect timing.

You don't need to see the whole path to begin.

We are always learning and can only/always make the best decision possible with the information we have in the moment.


Entrepreneur Advisor
Satisfaction Strategist
Speaker & Podcast Host

For high-integrity, high-performing, mission-driven entrepreneurs, Rachel Anzalone is THE ONLY advisor, thought partner and Satisfaction Strategist whose proven techniques, approach, and intuitive guidance helps her clients design the next season of their businesses and lives, so they can do meaningful work while experiencing deep, integrated satisfaction.

After 25 years in the trenches of entrepreneurship, brick and mortar small business, corporate enterprises, and digital marketing, she’s developed an approach to thought partnership like no other.

She brings her training and experiences of holistic wellness, personal and collective development, and embodied living to the table, creating an approach that blends deep self-inquiry, strategic development, and joy.

An approach she calls Satisfaction Strategy.

Part consultant, part objective observer, and part confidant, Rachel helps highly-successful entrepreneurs integrate the next phase of their business and life — rooted in ease, alignment, and deep satisfaction.

Media & Speaking
With alignment as your guiding force & me by your side, we’ll co-create a business and life that honors what you truly value and allows you to expand into your next greatest vision in a way that's rooted in deep satisfaction.
Wellness Training & Certifications

Human Design Paradigm Certified (Exp. 2024)
Usui Reiki Master (L1 2013, L2 & L3 2023)
Qoya Inspired Movement Teacher (2016)
Licensed Desire Map Facilitator (2015)
Loomis Digestive Health Specialist (2013)
Certified Traditional Naturopath (2012)
Certified Master Herbalist (2011)
Certified Natural Health Professional (2010)
LiveWell Certified Coach (2009)


Entrepreneurship  Highlights

Served hundreds of entrepreneurs as a business and marketing coach and consultant, providing support in the areas of digital marketing, digital product launches, digital course development, best-selling book campaigns, live and online event marketing and execution, customer experience, media opportunities, relationship management, team development, strategic planning and organizational leadership.

Developed and led numerous remote teams of top performing project managers, copywriters, graphic designers, developers, social media managers, and more for a global client base.

Founded and developed a holistic wellness center, establishing and managing operations, brand and marketing strategy, and financial viability, and developing client focused wellness programs.

Career Highlights

Served as Director of Operations for one of the largest restaurant franchisees in the country leading a team of 28 managers and 350 employees at seven different locations, generating $14 million in revenue annually, improving profitability, increasing customer satisfaction scores and employee retention rates, and developing three General Managers into Directors of Operations roles. (2007-2010)

Held multiple management positions at a resort, including conference sales manager and interim conference coordinator as well as managing and establishing financial projections, operational procedures and marketing strategies for a hotel on the property. (2003-2005)

Held several positions with a startup coffee company, including Training Manager, Marketing and Communications Manager and Retail Product Manager, during which time I developed hiring procedures, employee and management training manuals, authored and edited operations manuals, conducted quality control audits, developed and executed marketing and merchandising campaigns, and contributed to the growth of the company to over $5 million in revenue. (1998-2003)


"We refer to Rachel as Yoda.

Her decades of experience are the North Star in my business. From tiny details on the daily, to wise guidance in pivotal moments, to a priceless river of magical networking connections, she has transformed my business from $500,000 to over $1,000,000 in revenue  in our first year together.

She keeps me centered on the heart of the work, she always has my back, and she seemingly effortlessly boosts the revenue on every single project by tens of thousands of dollars.

We lean on the deep experience and intelligent strategies she brings that continually grow our revenue and success. Maybe even more importantly, we all look to her for a greater perspective. She brings a calm, centered, and soulful ancient wisdom to all of us. Having that in my corner is extraordinary. It continually recalibrates me to the true heart of our work."

Sarah Thomas

Founder of Upper Clarity Stone Medicine & Clarity Crystal Shop

"Behind every compelling project is a voice of reason, support and strength. Rachel is that voice.

I’ve known and worked with her for several years, and her ability to bring focus to a passion project has kept me on target - especially during times when I was ready to chase the 'shiny object.'

I highly recommend Rachel’s wisdom and expertise to propel impact in your business, community and the world."

Julie Watson, LMFT

Trauma Specialist, Psychotherapist, Trainer

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