Building Your Business in Reciprocity - EP 004

pleasure & profits podcast Nov 22, 2023



Today we’re talking about reciprocity in business. If you haven’t listened to Episode 3 yet with Rochelle Scheick, I recommend you check it out. She has so much wisdom to share and we touch on the concept of reciprocity numerous times during the conversation. 

Today we’re digging deeper into reciprocity, especially in the context of our business and our relationship with ourselves as entrepreneurs. 

Reciprocity is the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit.

In this episode we explore: 

  • Giving forward and the idea of “today for you, tomorrow for me” 
  • True partnership as a mutually beneficial exchange of equals
  • Feminine leadership and how it differs with the way things are often done in business 

We also discuss right relationships with: 

  • Our customers - how more doesn’t always mean better and how finding balance in the exchange is key 
  • Our teams - what it means to treat them with the same respect as we do our customers and setting them up for success
  • Ourselves - how being in right relationship with yourself means not overgiving, or overextending, but doing just enough

I’m here to ask questions, to invite consideration and exploration of the nuance of this topic, because we can each only know for ourselves if we’re in right relationship—in reciprocity— and like all things, what that means to us will likely evolve over time.

Until next time, I’m wishing you even more pleasure and profits. See you soon. 


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