Making Space for Expansion

pleasure & profits salon Apr 23, 2021

On Episode 6 of Pleasure & Profits Salon we’re exploring how to create space for expansion when your schedule is jam-packed.

My guest, Kristie Keever will share her own process and the impact it’s had on her business and life.
Kristie Keever is a Brand Strategist and Creative Director behind numerous amazing personal brands. She helps women stand out and stay out in a sea of same-ness by creating smart strategies, engaging stories to attract their audience and a signature style that their dream clients can’t help but notice.
Kristie brings over 20 years of brand building experience and caters specifically to women on a mission to build an empire with impact. Her mission is to create clarity from the complicated and to empower women to be seen in a way that makes them shine like the star that they are.

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