Satisfaction Strategy Session

Whatever challenge you’re facing, your body knows the answer.

In the world of entrepreneurship it can be easy to get stuck in your head trying to figure things out and ‘will’ solutions into being. Clarity comes from creating space, connecting to yourself, and learning to trust your innate wisdom.

In your Satisfaction Strategy Session we will:
  • Dive deep into a single challenge you’re facing in your business (or life)
  • Gently move and breathe and create space for your inner knowing to do its magic
  • Collaborate to identify the most powerful next steps to move you forward

You’ll gain the clarity you need to move forward with confidence.

Your Satisfaction Strategy Session includes:
  • Pre-Call Questionnaire
  • 90 Minute Private Online Session via Zoom
  • A 20 Minute Follow Up Call
  • Personalized Movement Ritual