Dancing In The Liminal Space Of This Moment - EP 007

pleasure & profits podcast Dec 13, 2023


In this episode we’re talking about this particular time period we’re in—this mid-holidays, almost-end-of-year, not-quite-the-new-year, limbo that is mid-December, what it means for us as entrepreneurs, what most people are doing in this season & how there's an more empowered way. 

Instead of being all in—hustling till the bitter end—or all out—full shut down mode, there’s a third more powerful, more empowered way to approach this season. One that’s aligned with what nature—including our intuition—is guiding us towards, if we’re available to listen. 

I invite you to take your time to dance in this liminal space. To trust yourself. To trust the timing. To remember that you are on your own schedule.


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