Living The Law of Attraction - EP 016

pleasure & profits podcast May 16, 2024


Join me in this episode as I reflect on my journey with the Law of Attraction and how it has shaped my life and career. 

Today, I’m sharing personal stories of attracting key opportunities in my life, highlighting the significance of aligning oneself with feeling good in order to attract abundance. We’ll dive into the importance of setting intentions, gaining clarity, and focusing on desired life experiences.

By sharing my stories, I aim to inspire you to believe that there are limitless possibilities that lie ahead. Plus, I talk about an alignment tracker to help you identify and prioritize activities that bring you into alignment. 

Tune in and start attracting more positivity and goodness into your life!



  • The law of attraction can be a powerful tool for manifesting opportunities and experiences in life and career.
  • Aligning oneself with feeling good is crucial for attracting abundance and creating a fulfilling life.
  • Identifying and prioritizing activities that bring you into alignment can help accelerate your manifestation process.
  • In business, prioritizing satisfaction by focusing on what feels good is crucial, as feeling positive is essential for attracting experiences that bring joy and enhance impact, profit, and pleasure.


Episode Chapters

00:00 Introduction

04:09 Reflecting on a Full Circle Law of Attraction Moment

11:22 Starting the Journey with the Law of Attraction

25:39 The Importance of Aligning Yourself for Manifestation

30:58 Introducing the Alignment Tracker Tool


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Episode Transcript

Hello, it's Rachel here. Welcome back to Pleasure and Profits. We're gonna do something a little different, haha. So when I first started this podcast, I had every intention of doing all of my episodes on video and putting them up on YouTube like immediately. 

And then, as I shared in those first couple of episodes, oh my God, I was so nervous, guys. I was freaking nervous about doing the podcast, about writing and speaking and creating content like this and sharing it. Why was I nervous? I don't know. I just have always been behind the scenes and so it's taken me a little time to just get used to it. 

And in these… I think six months since those first podcast episodes have come out, I have done a handful of interviews with some really incredible people, including Rochelle Schieck, including Giovanni Marsico, including Lisa Nichols. And, and I love doing those interviews. I love being in conversation with other entrepreneurs and just sort of the natural flow that happens when we are in conversation. 

And in these solo episodes, I have dreaded them in full transparency. I have dreaded them because there isn't that natural flow to just bounce in conversation. And so in true perfectionist form, I have, as I've said, four signs in Virgo, I'm sure I've shared that before. I like things to be done well and I've been very particular and I have on all of my solo episodes I have sat and written for hours and hours and perfected the writing and done my best to record in the best way that I can and been really pretty friggin high strung about it to the point that I was just like I was finding myself really resisting doing these episodes. 

And so trying something new. I'm trying to get over it. I'm getting over myself. And I think I'm ready to do it. So we are recording this.

We, by we I mean I'm recording this video most of the solo episodes that I've done except for the first couple ones I just turned the camera off like I just could not deal with the fact that I was trying to record a video of myself really what I was doing was like reading something that I have written and it just felt kind of absurd to me so all that said to get to the point that is that I'm trying something new, which is I have a very short list of notes in front of my face. 

I am just recording and we're just gonna see how this goes. And maybe it'll be good, maybe it'll suck. I don't know, you guys can tell me after the fact if you like it, if you don't like it. I think my biggest concern is just rambling aimlessly and not making any points or making any sense. And so if that happens, I promise I will learn my lesson and I will go back to having something a little more structured and more organized. But what I wanted to share with you today, I've been thinking about since the last episode aired, which was a little while ago. And that was my interview with Lisa Nichols, and so this was episode 15.

Lisa Nichols was a client that I worked with a couple of times, a couple of extended periods of time between 2014 and 2020. And in our interview, we were talking about just some experiences that we had together over those years. And it got me thinking about this moment that I had with her very, very early on. It was super early in 2015 where I had this kind of full circle law of attraction moment. And so I kind of am assuming if you're listening to this podcast, you probably are at least familiar with the law of attraction, even if you don't fully buy into it, even if you're not a student of it. I have been for and have been for a long time, I think, where I wrote this date down because I was like, there's no way I'm going to remember it. I think I started learning about the law of attraction in 2006. 

And so it's been in my realm of reality, my realm of understanding since then. So my gosh, we're coming up almost 20 years. That's crazy. And so I have been, you know, familiar with studying law of attraction in various forms. You know, early on, I'll tell you more about this, but I've gone from it feeling super woo woo and abstract to really starting to understand the science of it, studying with Joe Dispenza to really understand the energetics of it all. And there's so much research now about the resonance that we put out and how when we focus on certain things, we focus our energy in certain ways that we do in fact attract things to us. 

So I think there's some demystification of the law of attraction coming and whether you buy into it as a theory that just feels aligned and feels true, or you're somebody who really wants to know and understand the science, I think that that science is starting to be available. So if you're into that and you want it, you can find it these days. 

So I had this experience, it's again back in early 2015, where I found myself standing in Lisa Nichols' living room in Laguna Beach, and just had this kind of holy shit moment, like how did I end up here? And it was really surreal. It was really an out of body experience. So first let's start by like how did I find myself in this living room on this particular day? 

I believe I was in January, it was early 2015. I had flown to California for, to LA. I was flying there to meet a woman who I was doing some contract business with. Lisa was one of her clients. She had brought me in to support Lisa as well as a subcontractor. And Lisa was scheduled to record some video footage for a marketing campaign that we were doing. And so I was supposed to come in and meet up with this other woman at Lisa's house and sort of learn from her what her process was for facilitating these video shoot days and the creation or the facilitation of the creation of these marketing videos. And so the day before I left to go there, I believe, maybe even the day of, that I was getting on the airplane, you know, I got a message, a phone call from this person and she said, I'm not going to be able to make it. You have to go do it without me. 

Now, I had no idea what the fuck I was doing. I had never run a video shoot day in my entire life. I didn't know anything about this. And so she emailed me some documents. She said the information's in there. Work through the document with the videographer and with Lisa. And she was like, you know, you got this, you can do this. So I landed in California. I read through the documents that I had. I Ubered to Lisa's house and there I was, just her and a videographer and me in her living room with a full day of shooting to do. And so I was nervous. I was probably terrified. I don't, I really just remember thinking, I don't know what I'm doing. I have no idea how to do this job that somebody just handed to me with no guidance, no direction.

And so I was just kind of doing the best I could. And at one point, you know, I was kind of giving pointers like maybe here, maybe there. OK, like, let's just, you know, try to get a little more push from this piece. I'm directing this shoot and Lisa says to me, well, you tell me what you think. You're the boss. You're in charge. And I remember thinking like, ‘shit, like she doesn't know that I don't know what I'm doing here.’ And the funny thing is that I've been in that situation so many times in my life where I have been thrown into something that having really no idea how to do it. And and I'm you know, you put me in sink or swim and I will always swim. And so I wasn't unused to this idea of, you know, being and then situation and having to figure it out as I went. 

But on this day, we're working away, we're shooting video after video after video, and at one point she went upstairs to change outfits and I’m standing there in her living room looking at John, the videographer, waiting for her to come down from upstairs. And all of a sudden it hit me that I had seen Lisa in the movie The Secret in 2006. I watched that movie. I started listening to Abraham Hicks. I started doing all of these things to study this law of attraction. And somehow I had landed in her living room running a video shoot for a marketing campaign having A. No degree in marketing. B. No experience running video shoots. Like I'm from a small town in western New York state, like a rural, small rural town. Like I had never even really been to California prior to any of this. Like how the hell did I end up here? 

And I just remember this moment of feeling like, holy shit, it worked. Like holy shit, this, this law of attraction stuff worked. Like I'm here in this life that I could not have previously ever imagined for myself. And she came downstairs and I said to her, I know this is gonna sound a little crazy, but I'm just having this moment where I'm realizing like, I saw you in The Secret and I started doing all the things that they talked about in the secret and Abraham Hicks and the law of attraction. And now all these years later, I'm standing here in your living room with you. And she just smiled at me and she said, “It's pretty cool, isn't it?” And I just remember thinking in that moment, wow, this is magic. This is unforeseen. This could not have been predicted.

And how, how in fact did I end up here? And so thinking back on that, I bought the movie The Secret in 2006. And so what was happening at that time period that led me to that was I had graduated from college with a degree in, this is a long one, International Studies with a Concentration in Africa in the Middle East and a minor in Philosophy of Law having started college in art school. So I went art school and then I went philosophy and then I went international studies and philosophy of law.

And so I got in this degree with which I could not get a job, which was a shocker to me. I fully grew up 100% with the story in my head that like you go to college and then you just get a good job and didn't have really any understanding of what brought those things together, what made that possible. And so, a couple of years after graduating college, I had been working in the restaurant industry. In fact, at this time in 2006, I think that was a year. I think I had five jobs that year. So I grew up near a ski town in a very rural area of Western New York. In this ski town, you know, everything was seasonal. Yeah, every every job was for the winter or for the summer. We were either working ski season or golf season. There was a lot of opportunities to like wait tables, bartend, you know, work at the resort and variety of capacities. But almost nothing that would qualify as a full -time job. And so on this particular year for a couple of years after graduating from college, I had done, my God, the list is long. There was a year that I was bartending, working at a snowboard shop, working at a bed and breakfast, working at a coffee shop, and also writing for a newspaper. Those were my five jobs that I had. 

And I remember, this individual in town, somebody who was pretty prominent, coming into the coffee shop one day and I had actually just quit a job at the ski resort that was a  “good job.” I had, you know, a salary. I think it was like $400 a week or something like that. It was a good job. It was one of the very few year round jobs that was like a salaried position. Although I don't think there were any benefits. But anyways, regardless. I had quit that job because I was bored out of my fucking mind. Like I was sitting in a cubicle and I hated it. And so I quit and I started working five jobs. And this person came in and he said to me, you know, I heard you quit your job. What are you going to do? Just like work five jobs now? And I was, you know, a hundred percent. Yeah, that's my plan. I'm going to work five jobs now. I really just didn't know what else to do.

And so he was involved in a network marketing company, one of the many ventures that he was part of. And so he and his wife started to sort of, what is done in that industry, which is like seed me with all these other possibilities of leveraged income and owning your own business and sort of this stuff. And so that was my doorway in and, I have a lot of feelings about the network marketing industry. You know, some people love it, some people hate it. Not going to get into it. But what I will say is that that introduction, that conversation and that introduction to network marketing is what introduced me to things like law of attraction and really just a whole different understanding of how I could earn a living, have a business, do things like just it was just a whole world I had no concept of not the network marketing piece but the entrepreneurship piece and the financial abundance piece and so I remember buying the movie The Secret. 

I remember right when it came out I remember everybody talking about Abraham Hicks in these circles so suddenly I was in and and here's how here's the situation I was in, I was so broke that I was buying groceries on a credit card and even though I was working five jobs, they were all very low paying. And I thought, I remember thinking like, all these people with money all have seen, this is so ridiculous, as it's coming out of my mouth, I can hear how ridiculous it is. All these people around me with money are listening to this Abraham Hicks character talking about these CDs and it costs, $50 to buy this batch of CDs. And now I'm saying $50, it might not have even been that much. It might've been 25 or 30.

It was, but it was $25 or $30. I didn't have, I literally was buying groceries on a credit card. Like I didn't have any money. And, and I remember being annoyed that none of them offered to buy it for me or to loan it to me. I was like, can't one of these people just help me out? Like I don't have an extra $25 or $30, right? Which just completely defeats the purpose of the entire thing. But I didn't know that yet because I hadn't, wasn't studying it yet. 

And so I finally, sucked it up and I bought that Abraham Hicks CD set on my credit card and started listening to it and I would go for walks and I would listen to it over and over and over again and it felt so foreign to me. It felt like I was listening to audio of somebody speaking Greek or Chinese or some language that I just didn't understand at all. It was so foreign.

But there was something in it that either rang true, that resonated as true, or that I so desperately wanted to be true that I just kept listening and listening and listening and listening. And so through that time period, I was listening. I had the movie The Secret and I was watching that over and over. I was listening to Abraham Hicks over and over. I, you know, bought all the books. Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Think and Grow Rich, the Success Principles. I just fully threw myself into that world and never resonated with the network marketing piece of what these people were teaching me. It just it always felt out of alignment for me. But I was learning all these skills and so I started to take them and apply them in other ways. And so next thing I know my now ex but my husband at the time, got a job offer that took us to a new city that I felt like I had willed into existence. 

We got to that new city and I ended up taking a job with a restaurant company, because it was the only thing that I knew to do. And every morning I would get up and I would say my affirmations and I would focus on the things that I felt like I needed to focus on. And within, I was in a three month training program, two and a half months into it, they offered me a promotion. I wasn't even finished with the training yet. So they hired me to be an assistant manager. And before I finished that training, they offered me a general manager position. Within three months of being a general manager, my store was performing so well. I had made so much improvement at this location in everything, in employee retention, in customer service, in profitability, all the things in a three month period, that they started talking to me about becoming a director of operations. Next thing I know, I was opening a new restaurant for them. Next thing I know, I was running two stores as a director of operations. Then I was running three and then four and then five and then eventually seven. And when I left that company, I was running a 14 million dollar operation with a team of 350 employees. 

And again, just coming from this place where it was like, you know, I had had...I had had all these experiences, but I never had a clear path. And I was sort of just like step by step, setting an intention of like, what's the thing I want that's more, what's the next level of what I can imagine for myself. And from that place at that time, the biggest and best thing that I could imagine for myself was a better job that paid more money. And so, you know, I did that, had that experience. You know, was it my, you know, looking back on it now, like, did I really want to be a restaurant manager? Did I really want to be a director of operations? No, 100 % I did not. But at the time, I didn't know what else to look for or what else to ask for. And so I was just attracting, like, a little bit bigger and a little bit better opportunities. And over that time, my world started to grow.

And so by the time I left that work and started my own business, again, it was like, oh now I know what it means to operate a $14 million operation. Now I know what it means. Now I have all these skills that I can take to these other places with me. And so over the 15 years that I have been, self-employed and all the iterations of what that was, there have been these moments along the way where, you know, I've recognized something isn't really lining up the way that I want it to. Something doesn't feel quite right. Okay. Sitting down, what is it that I want to be experiencing? Because almost never is it about some particular external, tangible thing. But I started to write in the morning. I started doing morning pages at one point. I started really intentionally asking for what I wanted and always it was about what's the experience that I want to be having? How do I, you know, what do I want to be doing and enjoying every day? What do I want to be, yeah, the experience? Like what's the experience I want to be having? How do I want to feel? And so I did this over and over where I would sit and I would write in detail exactly what I want to be experiencing and then the next thing would show up. 

And so, how I ended up in Lisa Nichols' living room that day was that I had sat and written, I really want to do some work that is going to use all of my skills. I want to have freedom. I wrote down the dollar amount I wanted to be making per hour. I wanted to be around purpose-driven people. I wanted it to be… have some creative outlet to it. I wrote in detail like what the experience was that I wanted to be having and then it showed up almost immediately through, you know, and not just a happenstance. I saw a message that somebody was looking for someone to help with certain things and then there it was and I was there. 

And so again, I've done it over and over and over in my life over the years where, you know, I've sat and written and written and written, like, what's the experience I want to be having? Something's not quite right in this moment. What do I want to change? What do I want to shift? And then writing it into being, imagining it into being, and then having it just come to life, including meeting my husband. And I talk about this in a couple of episodes. I've already done the interview with a woman who teaches about abundance, Alexandra Takeda. And you can, you can listen to that episode. I think it's probably going to be number 18.

And so we talk about this in that episode that I wrote down exactly what I wanted in a partner and I got so clear on it and that it wasn't superficial stuff. It was like it was the really meaningful stuff. I want somebody who with whom there's a mutual respect. I want somebody who understands and appreciates like the things that I'm passionate about. I want somebody who likes to do the things that I want to do, who wants to go have adventures, you know, sort of all these things of the experience that I wanted to be having. I did this on a weekend, like on a Saturday, Sunday, and I met my now husband on Thursday. That's how quickly that came to be.

And so it was really fun being in conversation with Lisa again after a couple of years and reflecting on some of those experiences that we've had together and reminding me of this path that I've been on that started back in 2006, like watching that movie, The Secret, and how our paths have been intertwined. Even before we met, there was an influence happening there. And so one of the things that I think is not one of the things, the most important thing for aligning yourself for tapping into the law of attraction is it's aligning yourself. It's getting to a place where feeling good is your priority. And so in the context of business, when I talk about satisfaction strategy and I talk about maximizing your impact, your profit and your pleasure, this aspect of maximizing your pleasure and really focusing on the experience you want to be having and what feels really good to you is so important because if you are not feeling good, then you are not attracting the things that are going to feel good to you, that are going to allow you to grow and to expand. 

And so what I've seen over the years is when I feel stuck and I feel tight and I feel tense, that the best thing I can do is go for a walk, step away from everything that's in front of me. The moments that I've had where I felt really challenged, really incredibly challenged when I have gone to, for me, my favorite place is the Botanical Gardens here in San Antonio. And I'll just go there and wander around. And sometimes it takes as little as like 30 minutes to just get into a better place. And I cannot tell you the number of times that I've done that, and then come home and either, you know, within hours or within a couple of days, something has shifted. I've gotten a phone call for a new client that's coming in, you know, I got a notification that something was taken care of that I was really stressed about. It happens over and over and over again. 

And so for me, getting outside, being in nature, being in a beautiful place, like these are the things that bring me into alignment. And for me, I don't want to get into human design. I will talk about human design on some episodes as we go here. But what I've started to learn over, I think, five or six years that I've been studying human design is that that for some of us, that being in that place of feeling good, of finding satisfaction is the most critical thing to creating the business, the life, the abundance, the finances, the love, the relationships, all the things. That getting in that place first is the most critical thing for probably somewhere around 80 % of the population. And so there are some people for whom there are other ways of going about doing things and bringing things into being, but truly for about 80 % of the population, that is the number one thing that you can do to bring things into your life. to accelerate your experience, to open yourself up to incredible opportunities and abundance. It's really focusing on getting into alignment. And so one of the things I've been working on behind the scenes over here is creating some tools and resources, some things that I've sort of done on my own for many years and turning them into something that makes sense for somebody else to use who's not inside my head.

And so I have a great tool for you. It is an alignment tracker. It is a tool. It'll walk you through how to figure out what the things are that bring you into alignment so that you can tap into that, the power of the law of attraction. And it'll help you figure out what those things are. It'll help you figure out when and how to do them. And then it'll support you in sort of keeping track of the progress that you're making because It's always about progress. It's never about perfection. I don't like anything that keeps us super rigid. That's like, I have to do these things every day. You know, I have versions of morning routines that, you know, I use on different days at different times, depending on how I feel. Because it's really all about feeling good and not about following a bunch of arbitrary rules that, you know, that you heard on a podcast someplace, whether it's mine or somebody else's.

And so I encourage you to check out that tool. You can find it at and I will put that link in the show notes as well. And I don't know, I just rambled for a half an hour guys. I hope it makes sense. I hope that it's valuable to you. I'll tell you what, I sure enjoyed this a heck of a lot more than sitting down and writing for hours and hours and hours.

This is a clear, more authentic experience of me for you and for me of saying and doing the work that I want to do in the world. So I hope it works for you and I'll keep doing it. All right, until next time, I'm wishing you even more pleasure and profits and I can't wait to see you soon.

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