Shining Your Light with April Adams Pertuis - EP 006

pleasure & profits podcast Dec 05, 2023



In this episode I’m thrilled to introduce you to a woman who has been pivotal in bringing this podcast to life— April Adams Pertuis, the CEO and Founder of LIGHTbeamers, where she helps mission-driven female entrepreneurs and business leaders use their story to amplify their impact and income by increasing their visibility on stages, in books, and digital media.

April shares her insights on why taking your place in the spotlight is so powerful and how she has been able to increase her own impact, income and satisfaction through her faith and by focusing on one thing.

Listen in as we discuss: 

  • What holds many women back from stepping into the spotlight
  • The power of storytelling & community in creating impact
  • How to grow your business in a way that feels authentic & aligned to you 
  • How she finally got clear on the one thing that would allow her grow her business in a satisfying & sustainable way
  • What she does to keep herself aligned and grounded in moments of doubt

As a television journalist & producer turned storytelling and visibility expert, April shares her expertise and her philosophy that "everybody has a story"... and when you share your story, you shine a LIGHT. I hope you enjoy our conversation!

You can connect with April and learn more about her work at:

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