What Exactly Are You Waiting For? with Debbie Burns

pleasure & profits salon Apr 23, 2021

Debbie Burns is THE Head Unicorn at DebbieBurns.me and Founder of Fiction Expedition.

She’s a kickass intuitive and ass-kicking career coach and cheerleader for the lady creative who is ready to develop courage and live a life she loves—now, not someday. Co-conspirator, best friend and guide, Deb helps artists (in whatever medium they play) to dive deep into the caverns at their core, discover what’s holding them back, reclaim their Soul Song, and learn how to dance to the rhythm of their Big Dream.

Debbie asks — Isn’t it time for artists to do what they love while paying the bills and traveling the world? And THAT’s what we’re talking about on on Episode 5 of Pleasure & Profits Salon. We dig into what it takes to feel good NOW, to live a life you love NOW… not someday down the road.

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