Let's Co-create

For high-integrity, high-performing, mission-driven entrepreneurs.

My proven techniques, approach, and intuitive guidance will help you design the next season of your business and life, so you can do meaningful work while experiencing deep, integrated satisfaction.

As an independent observer, thought partner, and Satisfaction Strategist™, I'll help you pin down what you most desire in your business and life, and stand by your side as you make it a reality.

Satisfaction Strategy Intensive

Let's design the next season of your business and life in a way that supports you in doing meaningful work in the world, while also experiencing deep, integrated satisfaction.

Part strategic planning. Part deep dive vision exploration. Everything you need to curate the next season of your business and life in a meaningful and powerful way.

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Satisfaction Strategy Mentoring

Personalized mentoring for soul-driven satisfaction.

Think of me as your objective advisor, here to keep you focused on your bigger vision, to ask the right questions, and help you facilitate your satisfaction in business and life.

The ultimate back pocket support to transform your business and life… so you can keep on changing the world.

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Satisfaction Strategy Session

Whatever challenge you’re facing, your body knows the answer.

In the world of entrepreneurship it can be easy to get stuck in your head trying to figure things out and ‘will’ solutions into being. Clarity comes from creating space, connecting to yourself, and learning to trust your innate wisdom.

In this session you’ll gain the clarity you need to move forward with confidence.

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